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Help take control of your later life finances

  • Unlock some of the property wealth in your home

  • Explore your later life lending options with Key

  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of our products

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Boost your later life finances

We believe later life is for the opportunities yet to be discovered. See how our products could help you make the most of your later life.

Equity release

  • Designed to help you take control of your later life finances

  • A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured against your home

  • For UK homeowners, aged 55+ with a property worth £70,000+

Later life mortgages

  • A range of mortgage options for customers in later life

  • A loan secured against your home

  • For UK homeowners aged 55+ 

Wills & LPAs

  • Get a free estate planning consultation
  • We always use plain English and promise a non-jargon service
  • We’re members of The Society of Will Writers
Our £1,299 advice fee is only payable on completion of a lifetime mortgage or later life mortgage through Key.

Live the later life you want

Key offers a full range of later life options, so we can help find the most suitable product for your needs. What's more, if our later life products aren’t right for you, we’ll tell you. If you do decide to go ahead, you can use the funds you unlock in a number of ways.

Repay your existing mortgage for financial peace of mind

Help your family or loved ones when they need it most

Remortgage to move home or reduce your monthly outgoings

Make the changes you need to help stay in the home you love

Why Key Later Life Finance?

We're an award-winning specialist later life finance provider helping the over 55s reach their financial goals in retirement.


  • 25+ years' later life lending experience

  • Tailored advice on later life products

  • We've helped over 1 million customers


  • We take the time to understand your needs

  • We provide a personalised recommendation

  • We always act in your best interests


  • We give you all the information you need

  • We help you make smart, well-informed decisions

  • We support you every step of the way

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