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A Will is a legal document which allows you to express your wishes about the people you want to inherit your money, property and possessions (your estate).

Many people know that having a Will is important, but an estimated 60% of UK adults still don’t have one*. You can get a professionally written Will drawn up quickly and easily with Key... all from the comfort of your own home.

Why you need a Will

If you pass away without making a valid Will, the Government will decide who inherits your possessions, property and money (your estate), according to the Laws of Intestacy.

Through application of these laws, if you and your partner are unmarried, and not in a civil partnership, it will certainly mean that your partner will inherit nothing from your estate.  In the case of separation without divorce, your estranged spouse would still inherit from your estate if you do not have a valid Will.

A Will can also help to prevent

  • Family disputes
  • Heirlooms going to the wrong people
  • Anyone having to second guess what you would have wanted
  • Estranged relatives who you do not wish to inherit getting anything from your estate or successfully contesting your Will. This will be done with an 'exclusion clause'

A Will enables you to

  • Make specific requests
  • Incorporate charitable donations
  • Ensure provision is made for any dependents you have
  • Protect your estate from those you don’t wish to inherit i.e. an estranged spouse
  • Ensure your beneficiaries’ inheritance is protected against any hostile creditors, if necessary
  • Make provision for your pets
  • Incorporate your funeral wishes to ensure your loved ones are aware of your requests
  • Ensure your treasured possessions are cherished
  • Name any sentimental items in your Will that you have in mind for a specific beneficiary

Keeping your Will valid

Significant changes in your life, or those of your loved ones, should prompt you to update your Will so that it continues to reflect your wishes. If you have taken out an equity release plan, we recommend having your Will updated. Having a Will that is out of date is often worse than not having one at all.

When you make your Will with Key, you can update it at any stage should your circumstances or wishes change. Usually we will only charge an admin fee, starting from just £69 including VAT.

The cost of making a Will

If you're exploring budget DIY options, then why not speak to an estate planner for free to learn about the pros and cons of setting up your Will without professional guidance?

Quality you can trust

Our estate planners are fully qualified and members of The Society of Will Writers, which means our service meets strict writing guidelines. It's the purpose of The Society to highlight the public's need for a valid Will as well as acting as a self-regulatory body.

As members of this society, Key adheres to its proficient standards of technical knowledge and clarity and is committed to undergoing regular training to maintain its quality of service.

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These pages give a general overview of the issues surrounding estate planning and are based on our understanding of the current law and tax regulation in England and Wales, which may be subject to change.
Page last updated: Wednesday 15 July 2020