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The best way to find out if equity release is right for you is with proper advice from a professional equity release adviser.

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Women Retiring in 2021 Face 25% Gender Pensions Gap

21 June 2021

- Men expect to retire on £23,600 each year vs just £19,000 for women - Almost a third of women expect a retirement income of under £12,500 - Women (15%) more likely than men (10%) to look to housing equity for income in retirement

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House Price Surge Helps Older Homeowners to Release £1 Billion

25 May 2021

• Average equity release customer took out £103,710 in the first three months of 2021 • Plan sales drop 9.5% but total value released increases 12.8% • Nearly three-quarters of the property wealth released is used for gifting and clearing debt Download the full report at:

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Older Homeowners Build on Property Wealth to Clear Debts

18 March 2021

• Over-55s face average credit card debts of £8,500 and loan balances of £11,700 • Debt Awareness Week highlights the need to get good specialist advice • Those in the South West struggle with biggest credit card debt while those in the London have the biggest unsecured loans

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