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Housing Equity - Care Funding Game Changer

08 February 2019

77% of over-55s would prefer to receive care in their own home. Only 1 in 5 of the over-55s have made financial provisions for care in later life. Limited Use of Deferred Payment Schemes. Click through to download the report.

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Families Face Care Funding Postcode Lottery

08 February 2019

Those in the East of England are four times more likely to be fully-funded than in Wales and the East Midlands. FOI shows one in three care recipients nationally are fully-funded. Report highlights need to consider options early and look at all funding options.

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The Generous Generation

11 November 2018

• Three out of four over-55s already have or plan to help out their children financially • More than one in five will provide cash to grandchildren • And the North East leads the way in generosity to children while Londoners are the most generous to grandchildren

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Terms and Conditions at the Bank of Mum and Dad

29 September 2018

Nearly half of parents want to ensure cash is not squandered and grandchildren benefit. More than one in five plan to set terms on how any handouts are spent. Nearly one in six say BOMAD handouts have left them struggling financially

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Bank of Mum and Dad Desperately Seeking Advice

17 August 2018

More than three-quarters of parents over-55 are worried about making mistakes when gifting money to their children. Two-fifths of parents over- 55 want more guidance for the Bank of Mum and Dad. Nearly half of all parents over-55 want to seek legal advice about gifting but are worried about the expense.

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