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Update your home to start saving on bills

Your Money
Sunday 01 October 2017
 If you’re ever guilty of putting off tasks and projects that don’t seem that appealing, thinking that next week, next month or even next year would be a better time to embark on DIY or home improvements, then you’re probably not alone.

We all know that there are a lot of distractions in life that can get in the way of updating or improving our properties – but if you knew the hidden costs of doing nothing, you’d probably move those tasks to the very top of the list.

The trouble is that it’s easy to think of leaving things as they are as a neutral option – you may not be making any improvements, but at least you’re not making anything worse. However, money could be leaking out of your home every day if it isn’t being kept up to date.

Here are a few examples…

 Energy bills

If your home is like a sieve when it comes to keeping in heat and your appliances haven’t been replaced since you first moved in… then you could probably be saving money. Some simple improvements may well help, so try any – or all - of these suggestions to start remedying the problem

Upgrade windows and wall insulation to make sure you’re keeping the heat in. Double glazing and cavity wall insulation allow you to limit how much heat escapes – and without them, you could be wasting a surprising amount of energy. According to the Energy Saving Trust, installing double glazing could help you save between £40 and £160 every year. 

Update your appliances. Getting the latest and greatest white goods for your home can  be pricey upfront, however choosing energy efficient models means recouping those losses over time (while also benefiting from the improved functionality).

Even your garden could have a part to play, as shading from trees can be a natural way of keeping your property’s temperature regulated without messing around with the thermostat. Remember that the shade of a leafy tree will protect you from cold winds as well as hot sun.  

Water damage

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to have property damaged by flooding then you’ll know just how expensive and disruptive water damage can be. What you might not have considered is the fact that your gutters and pipes can easily become worn out, causing water damage of their own.

The solution is simple: regular maintenance and upkeep, alongside replacements if and when necessary. Costs associated with installing and clearing guttering pale in comparison to the amount you’d pay if water was to leak into the building’s foundations.

Theft and criminal damage

You also might want to think upgrading your home security system; even if you already have an alarm system or other security features in place, keeping up with new technology will give the best possible coverage for yourself and your family.

Replacing property can also be costly, as can repairing damage caused during a break in. In many cases, security systems with visible features will deter would-be thieves and spare you both the sleepless nights that come with a break-in, and the material loss.

When it comes to home improvements, doing enough work to keep your property up to date can ultimately bring savings that will outweigh the upfront costs. In addition, they can help you make your home comfortable, healthy, and a safe place to be.

Page last updated: Monday 12 November 2018