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Then vs now: A cost comparison

Your Money
Friday 10 November 2017
How much?! This is something many of us find ourselves gasping whilst perusing the aisles of a supermarket, or filling the car with fuel. Our weekly expenses just seem to cost more and more, but our shopping habits remain the same.

With the cost of living being an ever changing landscape, we began to wonder just how much things have actually changed.

Looking back into the past

If we re-wind back to the 1950s, Britain was post war, the economy was on its way up and rations were but a distant memory. Back then a home cooked meal cost the equivalent of a packet of crisps in today's money, and the cost of a buying a house would just scratch the initial savings mark for a deposit nowadays.

So, how exactly how has inflation changed the cost of everyday items?

We've done the maths and analysed just how much we were once paying, what we're paying now, and how much we could potentially pay in the not so distant future.

Page last updated: Monday 12 November 2018