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Four projects to add value to your home

Your Money
Thursday 08 March 2018
With house prices rising significantly over the past few decades, there’s a good chance that your home has increased in value since you first bought it. If you want to capitalise on this by boosting the property’s value even further, then there are a few home improvement projects that you might want to look into.

These suggestions will make your home more desirable for future buyers – and they’ll also make it a more enjoyable place for you to continue to live.

Before you start: Make sure you have the fundamentals in place

Before embarking on any glamorous improvements, it’s important to deal with any structural concerns such as cracks, damp or issues with the roof. These could cause lasting damage to the home, and ultimately reduce your home’s value despite improvements in other areas.  

1) Loft conversions are a good first choice for extending space

Of all the different ways you can extend your home, a loft conversion is often the most practical (assuming that your property is suitable). It can be less disruptive than other home improvement work, and allows you to make the most of space you already have, lifting the value of your house with an additional bedroom.

2) The kitchen remains one of the most important rooms

The kitchen and the bathroom remain the two rooms which can give your home the biggest boost. Remodelling and reinventing your kitchen in particular can give the whole home a fresher feel, and making practical changes as well as cosmetic improvements can be particularly beneficial.

With a kitchen, it’s important to focus on
  • Storage
  • Work space
  • Lighting
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Integrated appliances

Ultimately, these things are going to be more important than the colour scheme or the finish that you choose for your counters – which are likely to be updated by future buyers anyway.

3) Bring your garden up to date

A spacious garden adds more value to your home if it’s well-styled and maintained.

Adding value to your garden is less about following the latest trends and more about getting the essentials right. This means thinking about privacy and ease of maintenance, as well as how durable materials are (paved slabs will last longer than decking), how well lit the area is and whether there are useful extras like a greenhouse or shed.

That said, cosmetic touches like water features are always a welcome addition – so long as the basics are all in place!

4) Looking for a bigger change? A conservatory is the classic choice for a reason

Last but not least: when people are considering making a big addition to their home, a conservatory is often one of the first things to spring to mind, and for good reason. These light and airy spaces make great family rooms, add storage space and generally open up the home. No surprise, then, that they will add a significant chunk to the property’s value.

Do be cautious, though, as a conservatory that is badly planned or poorly built will be far worse than none at all. Make sure you work with experienced professionals, and that the design complements the rest of your home.
Page last updated: Monday 12 November 2018