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Staying sharp and living well in retirement

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Friday 17 May 2019
Keeping mind and body active doesn’t have to be limited to golf, crosswords or bridge. There are many ways to stay in peak condition and on top of your game. 
It’s pretty much universally acknowledged that one way to give yourself a long and happy retirement is regular activity, both mental and physical. Not that you need to be leaping all over the squash court or taking courses in rocket science, but it’s wise to stay challenged and interested. And if you’re wondering what might suit you, here are a few options to explore. 

Tai chi

For a combination of physical exercise and inner peace, tai chi could be the answer. The Chinese martial art is practiced around the world and has shown significant health benefits. 
Stress reduction, improved posture, balance and general mobility have all been recorded as benefits of tai chi. Research has also suggested it could cut your risk of falls almost in half. 

Walking sports

Team sports are good for both mental and physical health. But if the knees can’t hack it any longer, there’s an alternative. Walking football and walking netball, for example, are games adapted to be played at a slower pace while maintaining similar benefits.
What’s more, studies have shown that just 12 weeks of walking football can provide a significant reduction in body fat. 


Video games are not just for the young. Last year, the owners of tile-matching puzzle game Bejeweled found that nearly half their estimated 150 million consumers were over 50. 

It’s also been found that video games can be life-changing for some, with 3D games’ ability to slow memory loss being one notable discovery. 

Web design and blogging

Search the Internet hard enough and you’ll find a blog or site for virtually anything. But that doesn’t mean you’ve got nothing to add. Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge, while web design is also a great way to keep creativity flowing. It focuses the mind and by adding content regularly, you’ll keep your brain engaged.

Learn to fly

Few things are more stimulating than learning to fly. The levels of concentration needed to understand the technical aspects alone are huge, as is the need to stay physically and mentally fit. 

But if that’s a step too far, learning to fly a drone could be an alternative. Although on a smaller scale, piloting a drone can be similarly stimulating. Just stay away from airports and other hazardous spots.
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