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6 ways to use a conservatory

Your Life
Thursday 08 April 2021

Last year, 61% of Key customers used some of the money they unlocked from their homes for home or garden improvements.*

One popular way to improve your home is with a conservatory. Not only does it give you extra room and potentially add value to your home, it’s a great multi-functional space.

Here are just some of the ways you can adapt a conservatory to suit your needs.

Bring the outside in

A conservatory can be the ideal space to relax in. Thanks to the floor to ceiling glass, you can sit back, unwind and look out into your garden, whatever the weather.

Cosy your conservatory up with plush furniture, throws and rugs. Fairy lights or candles in the evening will give your room the ultimate ambient feeling and help you unwind after a long day.

Create another bedroom

Not always the obvious choice, but turning your conservatory into a bedroom for when the children or grandchildren come to stay can be a practical way to make use of your new extra space.

If you don’t want a bedroom there all year round, a sofa bed is a good alternative. Make sure you invest in good blinds to ensure your guests aren’t woken up by the sunlight flooding the room in the morning.

Dine in style

After a year of lockdowns and social distancing, your mind is probably wandering to better days when you can have friends and family over to entertain once more.

Having a dining room in your conservatory is a good option, particularly for those who are fans of al fresco dining. The extra space is perfect for dinner parties, whether you use it as a dining room alone or a multi-functional room.

Entertainment area

A conservatory doesn’t have to be conservative. Why not liven the area up with a games room – install a TV and sound system for social use. You could even have a pool table, darts board and a mini bar! A perfect area to entertain friends and family.

Family room

If you have younger children in the family, a conservatory can be a separate space where they can relax and have fun, while you keep your living areas clear of toys and games.
Picking furniture with hidden storage means you can quickly convert the room back to normal when they’re not around.

A workspace at home

Whether you’re an employee working from home or looking for a space to craft or paint, a conservatory is the perfect space to create a room just for you. Lots of added room means extra storage for supplies or filing and the outside view could be just what you need for an added bit of inspiration.

One thing you should consider is blinds – particularly if working with computers – as you can regulate the light coming in. It could also be a good idea to fit a radiator or purchase a portable heater for the winter months too.
*Key Market Monitor, FY 2020

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