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Longitudinal approach', published by PFRC and the ILC-UK

18 December 2013

Dean Mirfin, Group Director at Key (, said: "The worry is that clearing debts and keeping up repayments takes a big bite out of incomes which are already under severe pressure.


"Debt does not have to be a major issue for people in retirement as long as they have enough income and realistic plans to keep up payments. There is plenty of free help and advice available through the Money Advice Service and Citizens Advice Bureau for those with debt issues.


"Many retired people need to borrow money - Key Retirement Solutions' data shows around 30% of customers taking out equity release plans use some or all of the money to clear unsecured debts.


"The findings in today's report highlight the fact that those entering retirement with debt face a high likelihood that their levels of debt will increase further into retirement, this is a regular trend which we have also observed.


"But there is a silver lining in that many retired homeowners are literally sitting on considerable wealth in their own home - over-65s homeowners have property equity worth £792 billion. Clearing debt will transform their finances and provide a welcome boost in retirement."

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