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Mythbuster: "I can't leave an inheritance"

If an inheritance for your loved ones is particularly important to you, then you might be wondering whether you can achieve this goal after releasing equity from your home. With some of our plans, you can

Can I leave an inheritance?

Yes. Despite common myths surrounding equity release, with some of our plans, you can. You can ring-fence a portion of your property’s future value with a protected lifetime mortgage.

Inheritance protection

An inheritance protection guarantee allows you to protect a percentage of your home’s future value which can be given to loved ones after you pass away. The proportion that you’ve chosen to protect can then pass to your beneficiaries when the house is finally sold, regardless of how much is outstanding on the loan.
For example, a couple who have £50,000 available to release and wish to ensure that their grandchildren are left with an inheritance could choose to take £30,000 (60% of the amount available) and therefore leave 40% of the property's future value protected.
If you do decide to take out a plan that includes inheritance protection, it’s worth knowing that if you release additional equity at a later date you will reduce the amount of inheritance you can guarantee.
There are a number of lifetime mortgages that offer inheritance protection. If this is something you’d like, be sure to make your equity release adviser aware.

What is a living inheritance?

If you’d like to see the smile on their faces now, you could consider taking equity release and giving a ‘living inheritance’. This allows you to give to loved ones sooner rather than later, so you can enjoy the experience with them. Many of our Key customers do this for gifts, to help through university, for driving lessons, or even deposits on first homes.
Get all the facts about equity release by downloading our FREE guide to read straight away. Plus, we'll post one out to you at no extra cost.

Equity Release Mythbusters

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Is equity release right for me?

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All of our advice is free and unique to you, delivered by fully-qualified equity release experts. We're authorised and regulated by the FCA and take the time to get to know you and your needs to ensure we find and recommend the right solution for you.
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Things to consider

Your specialist equity release adviser will explain:

  • You have to get advice before releasing tax-free cash from your home. Please read all our information and make sure it's right for you
  • A lifetime mortgage, which is a loan secured against your property, is the most popular form of equity release and you’ll retain full ownership of your home
  • All of our plans are approved by the Equity Release Council and come with several protections, including the no negative equity guarantee, which means you’ll never owe more than your home’s value
  • Equity release reduces your estate's value and may affect any means-tested benefits you're eligible for